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Family entertainment featuring carnival games, prizes, street entertainers and quirky social media selfie installations.




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Games and prizes

Curating games to maximise the experience throughout a venue takes careful planning. Displays, lights, sounds and prize payout contribute to the allure and fun of an event.


At Summer at the Wheel, we selected a variety of family-friendly skills games that maximise participation and satisfaction to appeal to a families.


We source and license quality merchandise from world-class brands such as Disney to give away hundreds of thousands of quality plush toys at each event. These amplify attractions whilst meeting high standards of health and safety requirements. We also partner with brands to offer merch as a way to engage their audiences.

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We use Zicket's industry-leading technology to manage online and onsite ticketing as well as RFID activations for ride access and game tokens. With real-time visibility of customer spending and activity, we are equipped with valuable insights to maximise engagement and inform our marketing strategy.

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