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The Hong Kong Observation Wheel and AIA Vitality Park

Following a historic tender, in partnership with AIA and the Hong Kong Government, we transformed The Hong Kong Observation Wheel (HKOW) into an iconic destination for community engagement and family-fun.

TECL _ AIA _ Wheel
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Together, we led the upgrade of The HKOW in line with the government’s vision to reinvigorate the harbourfront and AIA’s mission, to help people live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives.


This included the creation of the AIA Vitality Park - an active lifestyle hub providing free fitness and wellness classes for all to enjoy. 

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Over 5 million visitors and counting

Through our partnership with AIA, we were able to reduce the cost of a ride from $100 to $20, which has made the attraction accessible to the public. Meanwhile event programming and free community activities have transformed the HKOW into a world-classs venue.

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The HKOW and its surrounds are operated, managed and marketed by Great Entertainment Group companies and affiliates. This includes continual activation,event planning and promotions.

The Hong Kong Observation Wheel and AIA Vitality Park has been home to many of the city's most loved events, including:

Hong Kong Observation Wheel AR App

We developed an award-winning app to deliver an immersive experience and celebrate the vibrant history of Hong Kong. 
The augmented reality app transports users back in time - to two time periods - and provides information on Hong Kong’s rich history through stunning visuals and interactive features. The app is the first of its kind to be developed for use on a moving platform and was developed with the support of the Hong Kong Maritime Museum and local historians.

The AIA Vitality Hub 

We launched the AIA Vitality Hub at the HKOW in December 2021, to provide access to free health and wellbeing classes for the community.

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